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Lightspeed Catharsis
The journal formerly known as kamijo

Date: 2010-08-03 19:24
Subject: The Reality of Perception
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Tags:musings, school
Man is constantly subjected to sensations, beginning at birth. Because of this, man is conditioned to believe that the world has an absolute material reality, and his or her entire life is built around this viewpoint. All information is picked up through the 5 senses; sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch.

When it comes to our sense of sight/vision, light is reflected off matter which is picked up by photoreceptor cells, which then convert these sensations into electrical impulses which are sent to the brain and processed by the occipital lobe in the cerebrum. It can therefore be said that the brain does not confront the true form of matter, but merely interprets information about the subject. Given this, our sight is reduced to a “deception” of sorts, because we are unable to confirm the truth of what we are actually seeing. It has been proven that electric impulses sent to the brain in a specific fashion can make us hallucinate and see things which we are not actually perceiving at the moment.

As the same holds true for all our other senses, how would we know that real life is not merely a dream which we fail to realize because our habits and prejudices prevent us from doing so?

This was a short reaction to a film for one of my classes. Click for the rest of it.Collapse )
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Date: 2009-10-13 22:42
Subject: Massive Final Fantasy and Xeno-gears/saga Music Download Post
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Tags:canada, concerto, gaming, ipod food, music
I'm not sure if anyone's still reading my poor neglected blog. It's been a while. I uploaded this for a forum I frequent, but I figured that I might as well upload this here too. I'm not sure if anyone will be interested, but more orchestral music is always a good thing! Watched Final Fantasy Distant Worlds last week here (in Vancouver) and it was really nice.

From the Final Fantasy Distant Worlds CD:

01. Opening ~ Bombing Mission (FF7)
02. Liberi Fatali (FF8)
03. Aerith's Theme (FF7)
04. Fisherman's Horizon (FF8)
05. Don't Be Afraid (FF8)
06. Memoro de la Stone~ Distant Worlds (FFXI)
07. Medley 2002 (FF1~3)
08. Theme of Love (FF4)
09. Vamo' alla Flamenco (FFIX)
10. Love Grows (FF8)*
11. Opera "Maria and Draco" (FF6)
12 Swing de Chocobo
13. One-Winged Angel (FF7)


Performed by the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Arnie Roth.
  • "Love Grows" is also known as the instrumental arrangement of "Eyes on Me". "Don't be Afraid" is the battle theme of FF8.
  • My favorite piece in the album is "Memoro de la Stone~ Distant Worlds", even though I've never played FFXI. It was just that good.
  • During the Vancouver concert, they played To Zanarkand (FF10) and Terra's Theme (FF6), which didn't make it on to the CD. It's too bad because they were really good songs.

I also included the following selections from the "Play! A Video Game Symphony" by Arni Roth, the principal conductor for the Distant Worlds Series:

Super Mario Bros. Medley
Metal Gear Solid
Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2
Chrono Cross and Chrono Trigger Medley


Performed by the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Arnie Roth. The quality isn't so good because it was an audience recording.

This was performed by the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra

Selections from Yasunori Mitsuda's "Colours of Light" CD:

04. Pain (Xenosaga 1)
05. CREID (Xenogears)
06. Stairs of Light (Xenogears)
07. Kokoro (Xenosaga 1)
08. Ring (Soma Bringer)
10. Stars of Tears ~Yasashiku Hoshi wo Furishikiru~ (Xenogears)
11. Spring Lullaby (Xenogears)
12. Small of Two Pieces (Xenogears)
13. Radical Dreamers ~The Jewel That Has Not Been Stolen~ (Chrono Cross)


Colours of Light is the compilation album of vocal pieces by Yasunori Mitsuda. It was released on August 26, 2009 in Japan by Sleigh Bells. The album is comprised of 14 remastered songs from games and soundtracks that he has composed, and one piece from an album of original songs by game music composers.

My favorite song in any video game is that Radical Dreamers one from Chrono Cross. Creid and Small of Two Pieces from Xenogears would be next on the list ^^

Edit: The files are a bit large because I'm very particular about quality
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Date: 2009-08-02 01:23
Subject: Vancouver, Part 2
Security: Public
Tags:books, canada, musings
I went to the main branch of the VPL (along Georgia) today to do some research on the provincial representatives of BC. It was a really nice building, and awesome inside too. I think there's 7 floors classified for different types books, and even a small section for graphic novels. Posters were advertising a Rock Band tournament during the coming weekend. I think there was Smash Brothers Brawl too and a few other Nintendo games which I don't play.

I like that there's free net access, too. Not enough stations though.

Also, I have a new video of China's Celebration of Light entry up, which contains the last 5 minutes. It's a lot better quality than the one I uploaded a few days ago. That's because we moved rooms due to a broken aircon. The repairman said the system was failing all over the building due to the heat.

This was how Robson looked like afterwards (click):

Notice that there's a flood of happy noisy people walking down Robson, and a really long line of buses all across W. Georgia.

Which reminds me, there's weeds growing on the apartment balcony (which I have to clean up). There's even a wine bottle. I wonder how it got there. Anyway, after this entry there's probably only going to be one more interesting entry coming up, covering the gay pride parade tomorrow, and the trips to Victoria and Whistler. Really have to study already.
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Date: 2009-08-01 11:29
Subject: Settling Down In Vancouver
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Tags:argh, canada, musings
I left Manila less than a week ago, and I'll be here until late October (or longer) provided nothing goes wrong. It's been pretty shitty so far though. I also took a few pictures.

So then, we landed on the first day and had to rush to Burnaby from the airport to meet someone. We planned on passing by the condo in Oakridge to leave our things -- that was when the problems started. The door was locked and we couldn't get in our own condo because some idiot changed the entire lock. It was also 34 degrees outside. We were lucky to have the person who picked us up offer to bring us to Burnaby. Ended up spending our first night at a relative's house in the same heat. I slept on a sofa.

Woke up the next morning and planned to take a 30-minute bus ride downtown in order to renew an ID which in the end turned out not to be expired. In the afternoon we decided that we couldn't stay in the house any longer and called a taxi to help us move from around here:

(Click on the thumbnails for bigger versions)

...To around here. The hotel is along Robson.

(L-R): Downtown from 36th floor of the Empire Landmark, Overexposed night shot w/ long exposure, a view of West Van and Stanley Park

Vancouver might have a convenient public transportation system, but some parts are still really hard to get to unless it's by car. It's been significantly lessened now that we're in downtown though. We'll be staying here until next Tuesday, which is when the apartment would have been cleaned.

(L-R): Canada Place, Vancouver Harbor from Stanley Park, TREES and the city from Queen Elizabeth Park, taken with a 6300 phonecam.

The past few days have been alright. Went on a city tour yesterday, and going to the library to get some research done today. I think I'm going on a free ride on a floatplane to Victoria tomorrow; mum's friend gave us tickets because she works at the company. Going to Whistler on Monday to look around. Hopefully the fire damage hasn't been so bad.

Edit: There's also a big fireworks event/competition going on called the Celebration of Light. Last one is tonight, I took a video of the one on the 29th from the hotel balcony. Watch it here.
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Date: 2009-06-25 16:55
Subject: [Food Entry] Mangetsu Japanese Restaurant @ Creek Side Amorsolo
Security: Public
Tags:food, little tokyo, makati, pictures, werk
Went with some co-workers the other day to a Japanese restaurant which opened beside the Sango branch along Amorsolo St. in Makati. The place was interesting, but the location was pretty bad. It was only their 2nd day of operation when we decided to try the place out. Besides, they had receptionists in full Japanese attire and a small garden type setting inside a mall, which really stood out. It was good they turned off the fountain which was spilling to the street the day before.

Click on the pictures for the larger versions, sorry for bad quality, they were taken with my cellphone camera.

(L-R): Chilled okra soup, Sea urchin tempura (front) and Mangetsu or full moon sushi (back), Tempura soba bowl (front) and Shrimp gratin (back)

The meal was very typical of a restaurant that had just opened. Unfitting 80s music was being pumped through the speaker system, the waitress forgot to put soy sauce in the serving container, soy sauce was served with the uni tempura, the chilled okra soup was not chilled, we were given cold water instead of cold tea, and a few other things. Overall, the meal was quite enjoyable because ultimately, the food is most important at a restaurant and their food was quite good, albeit a bit pricey (400+ pesos for tempura soba in Little Tokyo is a lot). I wasn't able to photograph the dish I liked the most, which was the sweet potato puree vanilla ice cream. Their plating was also pretty good.

I work beside Little Tokyo. The only restaurant (Thai) nearby which wasn't fast food closed last week. Right now we're surrounded by about 15 Japanese restaurants, all with their little niches like okonomiyaki, western fusion, super cheap bento, ramen, and so on. I have a feeling this place won't last very long because of their location and high pricing, which is why I decided to write this entry and hope for the best. It's worth trying out because they offer something different.
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Date: 2009-06-20 01:46
Subject: Still Alive! Twitter
Security: Public
I wonder if anyone would actually notice this post.
Sadly there's nothing really new since the last entry months and months ago.
My work sucks a little creativity out everyday.
I feel like I'm dying inside. Something will be done about it soon, though.

I have twitter. I've been tweeting a lot lately. Add me if ever :)
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Date: 2009-02-26 00:13
Subject: PSP games
Security: Public
I really should write a proper entry soon, but this is more of a placeholder of sorts to remind me what games I wanted to get. I have a PS3 as well so things can get a little confusing because I'm following too many titles.

Anyway, announced to be released within the year are:
Assassin's Creed, Rock Band, Little Big Planet, Persona 1, Final Fantasy Dissidia
+ Miku Hatsune Project Diva, Phantasy Star Portable

I'd like to play Flower and Noby Noby Boy on the PS3, but I'd need to use a credit card for that :(
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Date: 2009-01-30 03:38
Subject: Music get list for 1st Q this year
Security: Public
Until April at the moment, I'll probably add more to this entry as I go along, depending on how bored I get at work.

27: Franz Ferdinand / Tonight: Franz Ferdinand

13: Mando Diao / Give me Fire
17: Asobi Seksu / Hush
25: Angela Aki / Today

Click if you're actually interested.Collapse )
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Date: 2009-01-30 02:54
Subject: Netbook Problems
Security: Public
Tags:lenovo, stupid, werk
I bought a Lenovo S10 last December in Singapore, based on online reviews and general impressions after a day of shopping. Decided to use it as the laptop I would bring to work, since I don't do much with computers aside from respond to email and leave ym on all day. About two weeks ago, the fan started malfnctioning for no apparent reason. It started sounding as if it was hitting something inside its enclosure.

Checked around websites to find out that it might be a design flaw in the enclosure, which might be a little too narrow to provide for fan vibrations when it starts spinning at a certain temperature. What's annoying is that I had the netbook G-masked, and replacing the fan = having to remove the wrap.  Even before the fan broke, it was always been turning itself on and off at regular intervals, even when doing minor things like watching video on youtube. It's also very loud. If not for the other features (and the ability to play some 720p viedos), I would probably have sold it already.

I went to a service center this afternoon, and they told me that I would have to wait 2-3 weeks for a replacement fan. The laptop is still usable, but when the fan starts sounding like a helicopter, all the processes on the laptop become slow as hell and trying to shut the OS down causes a crash.

A few hours ago, my profile on xp got corrupted, erasing my desktop icons and bookmarks. Because of this I had to spend the rest of the night looking for a lightweight linux distro bootable from a usb stick. It's getting really annoying -- should have stuck to buying an EEEpc.
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Date: 2009-01-30 02:13
Subject: Dried Espada
Security: Public
Tags:food, lakwatsa, pictures
Went on a family trip to a beach near Laia, Batangas last Sunday. A relative owns some property there. Anyway, that's not the point. The point is the pointy fish below!

(click to enlarge)

Those are baby dried fishes called "espada, or swordfish. They were served in Batangas, and they came from a market near there; tasted much better than the other type of daing (dried fish). Can these dried fishes be bought in Metro Manila? I was wondering if anyone knew. The same goes for freshly roasted barako coffee, which tastes markedly different from the normal arabica coffee because it's made from liberica. It's hard to find fresh roasted coffee.

Also, my mum's become addicted to these pan de sal lately:

Mum likes to pass by one of their shops on the way home from work to check if they have anything freshly baked. They taste great if they're bought freshly baked, especially on the first night - they're moist and soft, almost as if there was custard inside.
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